Running with a stroller

Running with a stroller is not just a jog in the park—it’s an adventure that comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Whether you’re pushing your way to fitness or just trying to keep up with an active lifestyle, strapping on those running shoes and hitting the pavement with your little one can be both exhilarating and daunting.

As someone who has clocked countless miles weaving through sidewalks and trails, I’ve learned that mastering this activity requires more than endurance; it demands strategy.

Knowing how to tackle hills or manage turns while maintaining comfort for both runner and passenger takes skill—a skill honed by experience. And speaking from that experience, I can assure you it’s worth every step.

You’ll discover muscles you never knew existed as your arms and core work in unison, all while creating treasured moments alongside your child.

Now let’s get rolling!

Tips for Running with a Stroller

Adjust your mindset and be flexible when running with a stroller, as it may not always go according to plan. Include your child in the journey by talking to them and making it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Remember to check the weather conditions before heading out, recruit your core and leg strength for pushing the stroller, and be well-stocked with snacks, drinks, and entertainment for your little one.

Adjust your mindset and be flexible

Running with a stroller won’t be the same as your usual run. It’s tougher and will change how you move. But that’s okay! You’ll need to think differently and stay open to change. If the baby fusses or the weather shifts, you might have to stop or slow down.

Be ready for this.

It helps to plan but also go with the flow. Some days will feel great; other days might not. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there, even if it’s just for a short jog around the block with your little one in tow!

Include your child in the journey

Engage your child in the adventure of running with a stroller. Point out things along the way and talk to them about what you see. It can be an enjoyable experience for both of you – enhancing their love for the outdoors while keeping them close to you.

Keep snacks or toys handy to keep them occupied during longer runs, ensuring they are comfortable and happy throughout your workout. This not only makes exercising easier but also allows for quality bonding time between parent and child, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age.

Check the weather conditions

Before heading out for a run with a stroller, always check the weather forecast. Choosing suitable weather conditions is important to ensure a comfortable and safe running experience for both you and your child.

Running in extreme heat or cold can be uncomfortable for your little one, so it’s crucial to plan your runs during milder temperatures. Rain or snow can also affect the stroller’s handling and create slippery conditions, so aim for clear skies when possible.

Keeping an eye on the weather will help you prepare appropriately and make the most of your stroller running sessions without any unexpected challenges.

Recruit your core and leg strength

Engage your core and leg muscles while running with a stroller to maintain stability and control. This will help you push the stroller more efficiently and protect your back from strain.

Strengthening these muscle groups can also improve your posture, reducing the risk of injuries or discomfort during runs.

Keep in mind that pushing a stroller adds resistance to your workout, making it an effective way to build strength in your legs and abdominal muscles. By recruiting these muscle groups while running with a stroller, you’ll not only enhance your fitness level but also provide a smoother ride for your child.

Be well-stocked

Make sure to have essential items with you when running with a stroller:

  1. Pack snacks and water for both you and your child to stay hydrated and energized during the run.
  2. Carry a fully stocked diaper bag with diapers, wipes, and extra clothing in case of any unexpected stops or accidents.
  3. Bring entertainment for your child like toys or books to keep them occupied during the run.
  4. Don’t forget sunscreen for both you and your child, especially on sunny days to protect from sunburn.
  5. Have a first aid kit handy in case of any minor injuries or accidents during the run.
  6. Consider bringing a small portable fan to keep your child cool on hot days.

Safety and Maintenance for Running with a Stroller

Use a wrist strap to ensure the stroller stays connected to you at all times, choose a good quality stroller that is designed for jogging, and maintain good posture and form while running to prevent injuries.

Start slowly and know your routes before taking on more challenging terrain, and remember to stay hydrated during your run.

Use a wrist strap

Attach a wrist strap to the stroller handle while running. This will help prevent the stroller from rolling away if you accidentally lose your grip or fall. Keeping the wrist strap around your wrist provides added security for both you and your child, especially when running on uneven terrain or navigating through crowded areas.

Running with a stroller can pose safety risks if not properly secured, using a wrist strap helps to ensure that the stroller stays within reach and under control at all times.

Choose a good quality stroller

When choosing a stroller for running, prioritize a sturdy and durable design that can handle different terrains. Look for a stroller with large, air-filled tires to provide a smooth ride for your child and easier maneuverability while running.

Additionally, opt for a stroller with an adjustable handlebar to ensure proper running posture and comfort. Consider models with hand brakes for added safety on downhill slopes or sudden stops, ensuring both you and your child stay secure during the run.

An attachable wrist strap is crucial to prevent the stroller from getting away from you in case of accidental slips or falls and helps maintain control over the stroller at all times.

Maintain good posture and form

When running with a stroller, keep your posture upright and your back straight to prevent back strain and maintain balance. Engage your core muscles and avoid slouching to help distribute the weight of the stroller more evenly.

Focus on pushing the stroller forward using your arms and legs without leaning too far forward or backward. This will help you maintain control, reduce the risk of injury, and ensure a smoother ride for both you and your child.

Start slowly and know your routes

Start by walking with the stroller at a comfortable pace to get used to the added resistance and weight.

Stay hydrated

Keep a water bottle in the stroller’s cup holder, and remember to take frequent sips while running. Hydration is crucial for both you and your child, especially during warmer weather or longer runs.

Consider using a hydration pack for hands-free access to water, and make sure to drink up before heading out to maintain your energy levels throughout the workout.

Running with a stroller can be demanding, but it’s essential to stay hydrated for optimal performance. Dehydration can lead to decreased endurance and discomfort, so be mindful of drinking enough water before, during, and after your run with the stroller.

Benefits of Running with a Stroller

Running with a stroller offers improved health and fitness for both you and your child, as well as the opportunity to engage in a social activity that provides motivation and accountability.

Improved health and fitness

Running with a stroller can significantly improve your health and fitness. It’s a great way to boost cardiovascular endurance and build muscle strength, especially in your arms and core.

Pushing the stroller while running adds resistance, helping you burn more calories and tone your muscles. This form of exercise also supports bone density and aids in preventing back injuries.

So, next time you go for a run, consider bringing along your child in the stroller – it’s an efficient way to enhance your overall health while enjoying quality time with your little one.

Social activity

Running with a stroller can be a great way to meet other parents and connect with the community. It provides an opportunity for social interaction as you run together, sharing experiences and tips with other parents.

This can create a supportive and motivating environment, encouraging each other to keep active and stay fit through regular stroller runs. Moreover, participating in organized stroller running groups or events can add an element of fun and camaraderie to your exercise routine, allowing you to bond with other like-minded individuals who share similar interests in fitness, parenting, and outdoor activities.

By joining forces with others during stroller runs, it presents an excellent chance for your child to interact with others as well while being outdoors. Sharing smiles or exchanging greetings along your route promotes a sense of belonging within the neighborhood while also introducing your child to new faces on these outings.

Motivation and accountability

It’s common to feel more motivated when you have your child with you while running. It provides a sense of purpose and encourages accountability in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Pushing a stroller can help keep you focused on your fitness goals and ensure regular exercise, which is essential for overall well-being. With this setup, both you and your child benefit from the physical activity, making it easier to maintain consistency in your running routine.

Research shows that having a workout buddy increases motivation, and in this case, it’s your child riding along. Accountability comes naturally as they rely on you for movement and entertainment during the run.


In conclusion, running with a stroller offers a challenging yet rewarding workout that benefits both the parent and child. The practical tips provided can easily be integrated into your routine, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Embracing this form of exercise not only promotes physical health but also strengthens the bond between parent and child. Consider exploring further resources to enhance your stroller running adventures and remember – every step you take with your little one is a stride toward greater well-being.


1. How do I run properly with a stroller?

To run properly with a stroller, hold the handlebar comfortably, keep your back straight, and use good running form to prevent injury.

2. What are the benefits of running with a baby stroller?

Running with a baby stroller can boost your cardiovascular fitness and muscle strengthening; it also lets you spend time with your kid while working out.

3. Can jogging with a stroller help me stay in shape after having a baby?

Yes, jogging with a stroller is an excellent way for parents to regain strength and manage baby weight through cardio workouts.

4. Are there special tips for safely using a jogging stroller?

Always check that the equipment is safe, follow jogging stroller safety guidelines like locking wheels when necessary, and maintain proper posture while running.

5. Should I look into handsfree options for running with my kids more easily?

Handsfree options make it easier to jog without holding onto the handle all the time but remember safety first: always ensure control over the stroller when running.

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